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We are a full-service digital agency for small businesses. From building websites, designing creative, managing content and social media to running digital marketing campaigns—our focus is strictly on getting you results and growing your business.


Digital Marketing

Content Creation

Social Media

Everything you need to get started &
Grow your business online.
We create an individual digital strategy that is aligned with your business, your goals, and your customers.

Your Digital Team.

A Elite, Hardcore Unit of Productivity

Pareto is the 80/20 principle, in which 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. We use this principle to focus on what works and give you the competitive advantage. No more time and money wasted on strategies that do not add value. Let’s focus on driving, engaging, and converting customers to your business in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Why Choose Us

Transparent, Flexible and Results Driven

In the age of rapid change, technology and information overload should not cause any frustration. This is why at Pareto Media Group we believe in full transparency, flexibility and focusing on results. All our prices and services are fully disclosed, so you will never have to ask for a quote, get surprised or be confused. We focus on making your life easier and not wasting your time and money. It’s a digital jungle out there, let us be your digital partner.

Our Services

Website Creation

All Web sites include fully responsive designs and a mobile friendly version and will look beautiful on any device. Your website will also be optimized for Search Engines (SEO) and designed with the latest standards for user experience in order to make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing should not be confusing. We make it easy by using it to describe paid advertisement across any medium, including search engines and social media. It’s about researching and understanding your target audience, creating ads and creative, using analytics to derive insights and find any friction points to optimize the conversion to turn targeted traffic into customers for a positive return on investment for you.

Content Creation

Content Creation is about Storytelling and providing value to your target audience. It’s about researching and understanding what your customers are looking for in order to create content that will attract, engage and convert your customers depending on the different phases of the buying process. We will manage, create and develop effective content strategies for your business.

Social Media

Social Media and Networks is where the majority of your customers spend their time. It has the most attention currently and needs to be included in any businesses digital strategy. It is not about putting up random 5 posts a day of unrelated content, it’s about engaging and building relationships with your customers. We manage, create content, strategies, and advertisements on social media networks for your business.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Simply the best! They helped put me on the top 3 on Google and helped me with my Facebook Page and advertisements.

I could not be more happy with how much time and effort I have saved and the increase in my…

Carlos - Fresh Barbers

I've originally built a website on Squarespace and then nothing happened. Anthony helped me understand that it is more than…

Earl - 2 Jesters
Pareto Media Group made the whole process easy and I could not be more happy with the final website. It's clean and fully incorporates my brand and the image I wanted. Highly recommend them! …
Chris S. - Stevko Solutions

Our Process

1. Discussion

It all starts with discussions and information gathering to fully understand your business, industry, market, customers and goals.

2. Research

After, we research to understand your customers, keywords, and work on strategies that will provide the most value for your business.

3. Create

Next, we use the research and strategy to start building, creating and implementing while providing updates for any reviews or editing.

4. Launch

After you and your team reviews and the final edits are completed, we do a final quality assurance check and implement edits. Then it is launch time.

5. Continuous Improvements

It doesn’t stop at launch, we then use the analytics to develop insights which will be used to optimize conversion and increase your return on investment.

Get Your Own Digital Team focused on Getting You Results

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